What is Rotary?  

rotary logoRotary is the oldest "Service" club in the world

The local clubs are the "heart of Rotary" and meet regularly - usually weekly, with a meal and a speaker on a relevant topic. For those unable to meet in person we have Passport clubs and World Web clubs. The clubs are assisted though a District grouping. For West Yorkshire, this is District 1040. Rotary offers the opportunity for self-development, networking and involvement in applying expertise to help the community at large.

We also have Rotakids for Primary Schools.

Interact clubs for secondary schools. Roundhay School has an Interact club and helping those less fortunate than themselves both in the UK and Overseas.

Rotaract for 18+.

Did you know this about Rotary?

Rotary International

1) Was the world's first service club organisation. Started 116 years ago in 1905, Rotary now has more than 1.2 million members in 34,000 Clubs worldwide. Rotary Club (motto 'Service Above Self') members are volunteers who work locally, regionally, and internationally to combat hunger and thirst, improve health and sanitation, provide education and job training, and promote peace and understanding.

2) Rotary International can rightfully claim to be the largest "single" Charity in the world - The Rotary Foundation (TRF) has focused on certain international projects such as 'Polio Plus'. It has helped to almost completely eradicate this dreadful disease.

Only two remaining geographical areas in the world yet to be declared clear of polio, Afghanistan and Pakistan but the numbers of reported cases have decreased dramatically over the past 2 years.

In partnership with the Gates Foundation (Microsoft's Bill Gates), who gave the BBC Dimbleby Lecture in 2014 in support of Rotary and praised it as an excellent example of how to tackle woldwide health issue

Rotarians are currently raising millions of dollars (as well as being operating on the ground, for instance in transporting youngsters to centres and administering the immunisation), to be matched by the Rotary Foundation, to make this disease a thing of the past. 

To see a report by the BBC's Fergus Walsh, CLICK HERE. (Opens in a new window).

3) Rotary started the Aquabox venture whereby boxes are sent to disaster areas (www.aquabox.org) to provide clean water from any source for a village for several weeks. The boxes now include other materials suited for each particular disaster.

4) Rotary also started the Shelterbox (www.shelterbox.org) venture. A Shelterbox has developed as disasters throughout the world take many forms. It originally contained a 10 person tent, multi-fuel cooking stove, cooking and eating utensils, survival equipment, tool kit, water purification unit, children's pack etc. So far over 2.5 million have benefitted throughout the world. Current estimates indicate over 100million people have been made homeless through disasters and conflicts. The needs vary and not everyone requires a tent to live in. The boxes are adapted to cater for the local requirements.  Shelterbox tents can put together and provide an emergency hospital facility and schools.

5) Membership of Rotary is open to anyone over 18, provided that they believe in the principles of Rotary, see www.ribi.org. One of these is "Service above Self".

6) Rotary offers the opportunity to visit any club in the world and make friends and contacts. The 'work' of Rotary is very rewarding, and good fun!

Rotary Basics

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If you are interested to learn more about Rotary in the locality, then follow the Rotary link below:

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Roundhay click here

For other Technology Tournament Centres and Rotary Clubs in District 1040 including Batley, Bradford, Catterick, Featherstone, Harrogate, Halifax, Skipton, Whitby, York: click here 


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