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Welcome to the Leeds Technology Tournament website
Our next event is on 

Tuesday March 9th 2021

at the the John Charles Sports Centre 09.00- 15.00 
What is the Tournament about?

As part of a national Rotary scheme, the event aims to encourage the use and development of enterprise skills of young people. These are needed throughout their life for personal development and very importantly to the UK economy. 

Schools enter u to 3 teams of 4 pupils, who do not know what the the task is until they arrive. The tasks, derived and set nationally, are based on real life issues. Teams have to solve a practical problem (the task). This requires them to work as a team to design, develop, build and test a model from the limited resources supplied by us on the day, such as dowel, strips of wood, tape, wire, cardboard elastic bands etc. The schools provide the tools as will be advised and are responsible for the teams knowledge for using the tools.

The results are assessed by a small panel of Rotarians and Industrialists with suitable backgrounds, who help to steer the teams by asking pointed questions. The atmosphere is aimed very strongly to be friendly and non-threatening. The whole event is completed during one school day. Each year, the feedback from the teams is excellent, that they learned and they enjoyed the day. 

The video below shows a typical event:-

All Leeds secondary level schools are sent details and invited to take part. 

Individual member rotary clubs liaise with their local schools to sort out any issues.

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We have had industrial and educational sponsors each year. We welcome their assistance with judging

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