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The 2024 Tournament

Teams took part making it a great event. 

Feedback from participants and schools from all earlier events has clearly shown that pupils have enjoyed it and that they learned a great deal of enterprise skills. All teams reported that they would like to take part in another such event. 

Schools enjoy being associated with the tournament. We look forward to welcoming back all the schools which have previously taken part, and those who were unable to do so this year. 

Our approach is to encourage those skills defined as essential in various fairly recently published white papers on enterprise - such problem solving, strongly encouraging innovation, team working, communication, decision-making, risk taking and creativity. 

The awareness of enterprise within schools is raised and the active support & interaction of industry is greatly encouraged.

A different task is set each year for the whole country by a design group within district 1040 and who have experience of schools and of technology. The tasks are set with 3 different stages of difficulty, for pupils at

Key Stages 3 Foundation task

Key Stages 4 Intermediate task

Key Stages 5/6 (6th Form)  Advanced task

Previous challenges:

We aim to encourage all team members

Members of the winning teams receive a special certificate: a permanent trophy to display at School.  

Many schools select pupils who may be less likely to win, but whose participation enables them to gain the most personally.

All participants receive a certificate of attainment to be used for obtaining a SCAS Enterprise award. 

Schools and school teams also gain a unique and useful experience through networking with other schools, teams and Leeds University.

Schools also get publicity, both within the school and externally. The tasks can be used in schools later for other groups

Schools provide basic specified equipment. All the materials are provided by Rotary.

Schools need to transport their teams (9.00 - 3.00 pm) to and from the event and, normally, a responsible person accompanies them (who may join a participating team made up of teachers). A few schools have used helpers.  

We have fully qualified teachers present so if staffing from the school prove difficult then arrangements can be made

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