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2009 EVENT

Held on March 11th 2009.
 A new record 42 teams took part, from 18 schools and 2 colleges.

The Task: to design a weather capsule delivered via a space rocket!!

The winning teams were: 

Foundation : Garforth School
      Intermediate : West Leeds School
Advanced : Guiseley School 

Each of these received a trophy to keep at the school and a winner's certificate for the team members.

The "Innovation Trophy" for the team that came up with the most creative, innovative idea, was won by:

The Farnley Park Intermediate team. 

The event was also used as part of CPD in Enterprise for teachers for the first time.

The task was to launch a weather capsule -

P1060790  P1060773 P10607931

P1060793 P1060799 P1060776

The Foundation Task involved making a launcher, complete with a trigger mechanism that could be fired remotely after a 10 second countdown - so that a space capsule containing weather instruments reached over 3m and landed as close to the launch site as possible.
The Intermediate Task required the capsule to land softly: most entrants made a parachute that opened above 3m.
With the Advanced Task, the capsule was despatched in a carrier vehicle that had to separate at over 3m and land softly, again by parachute.