2016 Results

Final Adjustment



Foundation  Abbey Grange
Intermediate  Abbey Grange
Advanced Ralph Thoresby
Innovation Benton Park Advanced

What Task did the teams tackle?

In the real world, oil-pipe lines can be over 900 miles long (Alaska) or be beneath the sea (e.g. North Sea).

As the oil is drawn from ground rock, debris can accumulate - even after initial filtering. If this happens, the debris can cause a blockage as well as slowing the oil flow down.

Breaking into such pipe lines is impracticable. So motorised "pigs" are sent along to collect the debris or move it to a suitable drainage point.

The Tasks required each team to make a suitable model to clear debris. They were given basic materials including strips of wood, dowel, paper clips, tape, wire, cardboard, glue, elastic bands and a small electric motor.

Making and testing the models required the teams to use a range of enterprise skills which were assessed

These life skills and qualities are much needed by the individual to progress better in life as well as benefitting industry by having innovative employees.

We aim to improve the personal development and skills of young individuals.

We were pleased to have received support from 

Leeds Beckett University

The University of Leeds 

Print Impressions

W.Yorks Branch of Architects 

12 City councillors who have contributed funds from their small budgets to enable the event

(Leeds Education Authority continue to be very supportive of our initiative)

About this year's event

The whole event is completed during one school day. 

The event was organised by 8 of the Leeds Rotary Clubs working together.

For an idea of what the event is all about, please see the reports of the previous tournaments by clicking on the Previous Events tab on the main menu. 

Rotary Technology Tournaments have been held nationwide in the last few years, and 2016 was our ninth year. The number taking part nationwide is increasing yearly and the number of Centres running these Tournaments has expanded rapidly.

In District 1040 (Yorkshire), we started in Harrogate (2002), followed by Halifax (2004), York (2005), Skipton (2006), Leeds, Batley and Bradford (2007), Catterick 2008), and then Whitby (2009). This coming year some 154 centres will be active.

Our District 1040 has a design team consisting of engineers, industrialists and educationalists who design the Tasks for the whole of the UK.

We welcome participation by all secondary Schools in Leeds by competing - and by Sponsors, who assist with support and judging. 

Interested in taking part in a future event? 

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