2017 Winners




Priesthorpe 2


Ralph Thoresby

Advanced  Read School


Innovation prize

Horsforth Foundation team 2

The Deputy Lord Lieutenant of West Yorkshire, Rotarian Michael Fox, in full dress uniform, presented the prizes:

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Well done to all 16 schools and 49 teams who took part. It was a very successful and enjoyable event

The task was to build and fire a weather satellite from the basic materials provided. 

Foundation level teams had to ensure that they had a triggered mechanism and launcher to shoot a satellite through a 30 cm ring set at 1 m and to reach a height of over 3 m. 

Intermediate teams had an additional task of ensuring that their satellite capsule returned to earth by parachute, as close to the launch pad as possible. 

Advanced teams had also to include a intermediate module that separated at 3m and allowed the capsule to continue before returning to earth by parachute

These tasks required each team to make a suitable model and were given basic materials including strips of wood, dowel, paper clips, tape, wire, cardboard, glue, and elastic bands .

Making and testing the models required the teams to use a range of enterprise skills which were assessed 

These life skills and qualities are much needed by the individual to progress better in life as well as benefitting industry by having innovative employees. 

We aim to improve the personal development and skills of young individuals.

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